Essex County Virginia

New Website Launch June 15, 2022

Posted on 06/13/2022

Essex County is excited to announce that a new website will be launching on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The new site features a clean, modern look and makes finding the information you seek easier. The home page has a prominently displayed search bar. Just type what you wish to find in the search bar, and you will receive a listing of the most relevant webpages, documents, and forms related to your search.

The new site has features you would expect such as a drop-down menu of links along the top of the page, and quick link buttons arranged at the bottom of the page which link to the most requested information and pages.

The home page also has buttons for News & Announcements and Events & Meetings. When you click on one of these buttons, a list with the most recent news and announcements or the next upcoming events will slide open. If you want to view all the news or events, there are convenient buttons to take you to those pages in the window that slides open.

The new site has an Agendas and Minutes page which aggregates the meeting information, agendas, and minutes from the public Board, Authority, and Commission meetings held. There are also pages which aggregate documents and forms from across the site to make finding what you need easier.

No matter what page you are on, you can get back to the home page by clicking on the Essex County Seal located in the top left of the page.

One thing you will need to be aware of is the new site is structured differently than the previous site. If you have shortcuts or bookmarks to pages on the previous site, they will probably not work once the new site is launched. Your saved bookmarks should take you to a landing page on the new site, however, and you may then navigate to the desired page and save a new bookmark.

A website is never really “finished”, and we will be making changes and updates as needed. If you have a suggestion, see something that needs corrected, or would just like to make a comment on the new site, please email these to [email protected]. The new site also has an online form to submit comments or concerns. This form may be found by hovering over the “How Do I?” menu at the top right of the page and then selecting the “Comments or Concerns” link under the “Submit…” heading. We would love to hear from you and want to make the new site functional and valuable to our citizens and guests.