Essex County Virginia

Officers of Election

Become an Officer of Election

Officers of Election are appointed each year by the Essex County Electoral Board to work at he polls on Election Day. More than 40 officers are required for a general election. If you are available on Election Day, want to support the democratic process, provide a valuable service to your neighbors and earn $160, please consider becoming an election official. The Chief Officer of Election at each polling place is responsible for its management and earns an additional stipend. You are even compensated $20  for attending mandatory training prior to each election.

You must be a registered voter.

Requirements & Responsibilities

Officers of Election duties at the polling place include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring a fair and impartial election is held
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Providing voter assistance and instructions
  • Checking voters in and marking the poll book
  • Directing voters to voting machines
  • Disassembling and storing voting equipment
  • Certifying Election Results

You are required to report to your assigned polling place before 5:00 am. You are not allowed to leave until the polls close (7:00 pm) and the paper work is completed. (Yes, there are bathrooms and lunch breaks).

Get Involved:

Contact the Registrar's Office at (804) 443-4611 for additional Officer of Election information.

To sign up, fill out the Officer of Election Interest Form.