Essex County Virginia

Public Comment Guidelines

Rules Of Conduct

  1. It shall be the duty of the Chairman to maintain order and decorum at meetings. The Chairman shall speak to points of order in preference to all other members.
  2. In maintaining decorum and propriety of conduct, the Chairman shall not be challenged and no debate shall be allowed until after the Chairman declares that order has been restored. In the event the Board wishes to debate the matter of the disorder or the bringing of order; the regular business may be suspended by vote of the Board to discuss the matter.
  3. No member or citizen shall be allowed to use slanderous or abusive language directed at any member of the Board or other person, to create excessive noise, or in any way incite persons to use such tactics. The Chairman and/or the County Administrator shall be the judge of such breaches, however, the Board may vote to overrule both.
  4. When a person engages in such breaches, the Chairman shall order the person’s removal from the building, or may order the person to stand silent, or may, if necessary, order the person removed from the County property and may, at his discretion, bring formal charges for disruption of a public meeting.